Family Time Movies in Weekend 2022

Family Time Movies in Weekend 2022

Do you feel that spending time with your family means spending quality time? When you grow mature, you start to realize that all those years when as a teenager, you ignored your family were wrong. Having family bonding is what you need in this world, and doing it over a movie can be fun. Family times can help you bond over and build wonderful memories. There are many  Telugu new movies  that create a wonderful time to bond. Therefore, some recommendations are Panchatantrakathalu, and Andarubaagundaliandulonenuundali.


As the name states, Panchtantra means five stories, and the theme of the movie is also similar. The movie revolves around a couple who wants to marry, but because of a different cast, isn’t able to. Moreover, in the story, the woman involves herself in prostitution to take care of her child. In the third part of the story, a selfish girl marries a rich guy leaving her loving boyfriend. In the fourth part of the story, a love story blooms between the owner and his secret admirer. It’s a sweet love story. Lastly, the story of an old woman, who wants to live alone on her own, but her children take turns taking care of her.


The story is about wholesome homely love between the couples Srinivasan and Sunitha. The couple has immense love for each other, which can be evident in the movie. However, things start to go downhill when the Iconic actor Ali portrays the role of a photographer. Everything suddenly starts to change when Ali clicks the photograph. What was in the photo? What changed the lives of Srinivasan and Sunita? Why did the simple picture cause so much conflict? Ali is a good actor who triumphs in the role through his acting skill, and the abundance of laughter is going to hurt your tummy.

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