Nguyen Van Duong – Prominent Businessperson with a Controversial Gambling Scandal

Nguyen Van Duong, a well-known businessperson, gained recognition as the Chairman of CNC Company. He had an extensive career and contributed to various projects and industries before becoming entangled in a high-stakes gambling case.

Prior to his role at CNC Company, Nguyen Van Duong served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at UDIC Investment Joint Stock Company. UDIC was a renowned company involved in the construction project of the Bac Giang – Lang Son Expressway. However, due to financial issues, the project was halted in March 2017. Subsequently, Duong transitioned to CNC Company.

CNC Company was established in September 2021 with an initial capital of 20 billion Vietnamese dong. After six years of operation, in April 2017, CNC obtained a 10-year operating license to provide intermediary payment services, including online electronic payment gateways, e-wallet services, and collection/payment services.

In the gambling scandal involving billions of Vietnamese dong and related to Phan Sao Nam, Nguyen Van Duong utilized CNC Company as a front and collaborated with Nam Viet Company to develop an online gambling platform named Rikvip. Initially, Duong and CNC were responsible for payment gateway services and technical aspects of the gaming platform. However, when the platform transitioned to Tib.Club, Duong handed over the operational tasks to another company and withdrew CNC from the project to avoid scrutiny from authorities.

Nevertheless, information regarding Nguyen Van Duong’s family, biological parents, and spouse is not publicly available on social media. Duong is known to be the son-in-law of Pham Quang Nghi, the former secretary of Hanoi City, but detailed information about his family remains undisclosed.

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